At Home with artist & photographer Cricket Saleh


2020 has clipped our proverbial wings grounding us at home and leaving an insatiable appetite to stay connected to those around us.


Join us on virtual tours of homes around the globe in satisfyingly, voyeuristic fashion.


We caught up with artist & photographer Cricket Saleh to see how she and her family are surviving these surreal times.


At Home With.....

What's your favourite activity to do with the family in isolation?

Bea is all about building cubbies - inside, outside, we build lots of cubbies. Oh and craft.

Are you reading any good books or can you recommend a good movie or TV series?

Yes. Books. The time now is for books. I am trying to get back in to Kafkas last Trial by Benjamin Balint, worthy, and a book my brother in law Luke sent my partner Mike for Christmas - How to Be right In a World Gone Wrong.. by James O’Brian. Very worthy + finished Nick Cave Have Mercy on Me - a comic. Amazing.
TV we are watching the How To Train a Dragon movies and the new Bluey series. Oh and the Breakfast Club. Exactly what I needed.

What is your favourite Society of Wanderers piece and why?

I can't have a favourite Society piece or collection - each collection is like Christmas when it is unveiled… although when the Kitty and Lydia quilt hit my eyes I almost died. That perfect. The Mapesbury collection, for me, is steeped in emotion - it was one of the most joyous shoots of the past few years. Maybe of all time.

How are you keeping in touch with loved ones?

Like all of us, we are using the computer to see our loved ones, and without it we would be lost.

How do you think isolation will change you and your family in the future?

No one will be the same, exactly the same, as when we entered this new world. The changes maybe small but I think profound.
Priorities have shifted, a senses have been heightened, cooking (mine) has improved. May we hold onto some of this as we enter back into the world. I am determined to.