At Home With Matt & Hails a.k.a Hails & Shine

2020 has clipped our proverbial wings grounding us at home and leaving an insatiable appetite to stay connected to those around us.


Join us on virtual tours of homes around the globe in satisfyingly, voyeuristic fashion.


We caught up with photographer Matt and his muse wife Hails to see how their family are surviving these surreal times.


At Home With.....Matt & Hails a.k.a Hails & Shine

What's your favourite activity to do with the family in isolation?

Well, now that school’s back, I’m really enjoying that time, working on schoolwork with the kids. Initially, I have to admit we were pretty anxious about it all, especially having the business to run too but now that we’ve found a groove with it it’s actually pretty fun. It’s such a strange time and certainly something the kids will remember for the rest of their lives. Making it a positive and fun experience to enjoy together has been awesome.


Are you reading any good books or can you recommend a good movie or TV series?

TV wise, we’ve been digging back through The Office for some guaranteed laughs. Matt is currently obsessed with Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast.


What is your favourite Society of Wanderers piece and why?

Don’t make us choose a favourite. We love all of it. We love how easily it mix-matches and it’s so fun to just throw together combos because you just know it’s gonna look great.


How are you keeping in touch with loved ones?

We’re doing all the same stuff as everyone else. Plenty of FaceTime and texting.


How do you think isolation will change you and your family in the future?

I hope it makes us closer. Again, I think the schooling from home stuff is going to make a positive impact. The bonding experience of that has been great so far. And as for the down time together? Time spent together with the people you love the most is always best.