At Home With Susanne Adolfsson of @boho.wife


At Home With Susanne Adolfsson of @boho.wife

Photographer and Swedish style extraordinaire, Susanne Adolfsson, produces an intimate snapshot into life in the forest with her beautiful young family. 



 What's been keeping you busy this summer?

Our greenhouse has been a wonderful project this summer. It’s been so fun to see the tomatoes and cucumbers grow so rapidly in the heat of a greenhouse! My garden is my second project with the peonies already blooming. I am waiting eagerly for the night spurs to bloom any day. I have also bought many new kinds of flowers this year with roses, dahlias, cornflowers and asters to keep me busy.

What tips do you have for decorating kids rooms?

I like to keep it cozy yet playful. I like to make the bed the centre piece of the room so I love to mix colours and prints - I stay away from the dark colours as I like to make the bed pop!



New or upcycled furniture?

 I love to visit flea markets hoping to find charming antique pieces. I recently discovered an antique iron bed that I will use outside in the kitchen garden. The boys and I will snuggle here on balmy nights. 

How are you and the family spending the long summer days? 

 We live in the forest with our very 'own' magical lake so the boys are forever swimming, fishing, picking mushrooms and fresh berries. 

What informs your design style?


I like to push the boundaries and always try something new. I try to think outside of what is “normal” and “accepted” in todays society particularly around gender roles. My style reflects this with each room in the home fitting any gender. I am inspired by nature, my travels and of course Instagram! 



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